Morning Panel Beaters. Am sitting on the ShowStudio Milan menswear panel (click) later today, which streams live at 15.30 GMT. Am proud to have been asked. They're prestigious style&fashion hotbeds, with big hitters usually involved. Milans been taking a bit of beating of recent, what with the LC:Ms success. Done a bit of revision, and for me Milan, bless it, was all about the prezzas*, not the runways. Hope saying this doesnt make me sound like a pillock. Couple of good/acceptable shows, but not many. Its all about touching cloth these days, si?

Milan by De Biasi from above, again.

One bit of culture/creativity Milan did deliver to me were some pictures by largely Milanese photographer Mario de Biasi. The invite from Boglilo was a striking aerial shot of Il Duomo from 1954, which I cant repeat today as so early, but is here (click). I absolutely love that shot. So very Milan, beautiful, yet quite unsettling in many ways. For me at least.

Five chairs in show/row.

What to say, what to wear, what to not say, what not to wear etc? Couple of HowToSpendIt clients are on the roster, so lets hope dont have a Network style meltdown. Can one take The Fifth during such a debate? Reckon ShowStudios/fashions super-erudite editor and host, Lou Stoppard, will almost certain be taking the fifth, big chair, as shes chairing, right? So, styling wise, as the background to the Show panel appears dark, am thinking something light and hairy should work nicely. Thats hat thinking signed off. Now shoes and hosiery might be trickier. Is it too brisk for Louis kittens and bare legs? Or something a little more Sylvianesque? With a bit of shine, see below? Woah. Mick's oboe/bassoon thing, the neckwear, too, too good..

Meanwhile, while don't normally do classical on Style&Error, get enough of that at home, but Chopin seems right, for some reason. Maybe its the chairs. Perhaps it channels correct seriousness. Or is it simply Show Panel suitable? Here's Frédéric's Prelude in E Minor. Seeing you at 3.30pm style bredrin'?

Stubbs out.


More de Biasi- Snow pattern.

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