Morning Style Mongers. First off, go to the bottom of the post and stick on Ice Cube, it helps with the atomos', and you can see all the elements as preview, Roger? So, Friday managed to actually file for high noon as intended. Could hardly believe it myself. Then freely shot from E5 to Mayfair to visit central Metropolis for all manner of style liaisons.

Clapton/Mayfair colours: Anderson&Sheppard burgundy houndstooth doo-rag.

Shant bore you with all, but here's a few. Witnessed Matey Off The Telly kitted out correctly in black tie at Gieves, smashing three piece jacquard action, bravo, then on to The Crombie to confirm the bits on my Clissold fabric overcoat order. Going for an olive/brown/sludge velvet collar that is almost 'self-colour', not the contrast lick most go for. Back in Airfix models days, Don & I would have called it 'Olive Drab'. A sort of fudge coloured Melton underneath and brown, mottled horn buttons. Not gone for the brash clash of colour in the collar as is 'thing to do'. Far too Guy Ritchie.. Gone selfie-sublte. Cloth is gonna do the graft. Simply cant wait for this guy to be created. It'll be spring before its on my back, hence double excited.

Crombie collar velvet/Clissolds Glen Hunt Tweed 565g h'bone overcheck- step from me.

This next development deserves a full post, however, it'll get one. Went to Nicholas Kirkwood's pop up shop on Mount Street and picked out a pair of quite berserk shoes in the name of research. Got 'em home, and late, late, late in the evening discovered I loved them. "What on earth are you going to do with those silver loon-corespondents?" I hear you ask. "Working backwards, I start with nothing but gold jewellery, a Rolex and some OB shorts" I think I hear myself reply,  but much quieter.  It worked- I loved the look of them- and left styling at that. For now. Also notice silver works with navy. They're actually wicked shoes and gonna tell/thank Kirky and his peops. There's something very Rainbow Rooms about them for me, but aggro. Think Mr.Noisy at Biba played by Alex DeLarge, non?

Nicholas Kirkwood guys - 'Tundra Patent' in silver metalic leather.

Then I visited the Anderson&Sheppared Haberdashery (clicky), spent time with both Audie and Anda doing research into scarves. Ended up with a tres fetching hounds tooth scarf to take to Geneva and super dapper pair of grey goat suede gloves, unlined, made up at Chester Jefferies in Dorset.

Grey gloves from the A&S Habber'.

Unusally styled, good-looking tall beard-bloke came in while we were doing our thing. Turrned out to be Stefano Pilati from Zegna. He was double nice chap, buying from the Habber too. Who's not mind? Who'd have thought, we were just chatting about the Zegna house as just met a rankin' Zegna for coffee last week. Enlightening  way of doing business/being talked too/over. During the meet, got up and went toe-to-toe with Gilda in my Sexton charcoal*. My shoulders weigh a ton- they tell you where am from etc...

Anyway. Like I said, today was a good day. Except it was yesterday, one day ago.. do please keep up. More of everything soon, always. Now, tying my A&S Burgundy hounds tooth scarf like a doo-rag and off to Geneva to see the Horo-homies. My Kirkwoods also weigh a ton. Today will be a good day.

Stubbs out.

*Wouldnt normally put a picture of self up, but want to show you the Sexton DB flannel been banging on about. Edward tweaked the jacket collar Friday, FY to the I. Wish was a longer crop, as coat is long, lean and elegant-The way forward. Bloody snappers. The shirt is by Dominic at Sexton and I love it. Ivory collar & cuffs and navy body. £225. Am sucked in and going back. Burgundy perhaps-American Hustle or Only Fools?

In Sexton on Viale Piave pre Dolce- Thinking High Plains Drifter-Looking Steptoe Senior.

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