Afternoon Style Faithful. Excuse the radio silence. Its about prioroties these days am afraid. Back in Metropolis No.1. Had a very positive time at Milan shows, but occasionally odd to go back and confront the very gaff where I nearly spilled my brains out on Via Manzoni while riding a scooter in the early hours of the morning. This time felt it more so as dropped off a postcard to the Armani Hotel, with a note to a stylistic luminary I wished to thank back from LC:M. Ran there at dawn (after 10 hours sleep no less) before the whole caper kicked off Saturday, sun coming up as I neared the Armani building extension that I collided with, senza casco, 14 years ago to the day. Maybe it was the soundtrack enhancing things. Or the clearing fog.

The show cars in Milan are nearly all black: fashion or funerial?

I mentioned was interested in what was gonna happen at Boglioli? Well it turned out to be as good as anything out there from my point of view- probably the best. Not got time to elucidate now, but trust me, its double lovely. Remarkable fabrics, brilliant style and cut. Loved it. TBC.

Boglioli AW14

Heard some Japan played at a presentation while in Milan. Been listening to some before I went out to view it too, which was sort of interesting. The theme of the collection was Japanese, so they played Japan, see? This collection was okay as it goes, but fashion and its references just get less, and less substantial. Soon they'll be little more than vapours.

Other stuff had better spirit,  fuller thinking, but it wasnt from the fashion fraternity. Am rather glad to be back in London, swerving Paris, but little rest for the wretched. Ghosts is from 1982.

Stubbs out.

PS. This is the live version, a la Oil On Canvas double album. Theres a Top Of The Pops one too, which is quite funny as the audience are just stood there like pillocks while Dave mimes his thing (click). Funny. Cant work out who the DJ is, but he's a top pillock too.

PPS. Most of the brains stayed in the skull, although a soupcon my have escaped- top excuse for totes forgetfulness etc, non?

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