Morning Style Mongers. Been at it somewhere near a lake in Geneva. Kettles, people, shuffling about in an aircraft hanger with a luxury facade and badly concieved luxury ensembles. Nothing more. Running by the lake makes a lot more sense however, and this song makes most sense of all. I might jump in the lake if I had one of Cartiers newly unveiled Divers watches. I started to like the kitch idea of a Roman numeral diving kettle, with a little prompting from the Duchess of Dundee. Funny, non? 300ms down they go if you needed it. Rubber strap makes it and brushed finish with black bezels makes it. The cold, spotlessly clean water of the lake is inviting a plunge, a tranquil place to wear it, non?

Caliber de Cartier Diver watch- pink gold

I need some cover here. Take it please Steven could you, and can ya show us some of your favourite looks while you're at it?

Wonderful stuff, thanks awfully.

Stubbs out.