Morning Loafer Maniacs. Did I mention I love a Gucci 'horsebit' loafer? I do hope so. You see I really do. Was rather proud last night to have the FT HTSI tweeting that Gucci loafers by The Shapener (click) were on their site as part of the Italian issue that comes out at weekend, which incidentally is set to be una splendida cosa, no messing. Here, as they say on Grande Fratello, is some of this summer's best bits.

Suede blush snaffle.

Living in the epicentre of Hipster-cool that is Lower Clapton, Hackney E5, one thing I find endlessly positive about the Gucci snaffle bit, is they're Hipster proof. Too spenny for their budgets, and they dont really 'get it' either- Snaffles are simply not on brand for them, thank Christ. Probably doesnt come up on google when you type in "edgy hipster-matic-style". Hence am wearing my modest bit-roster more and more again. There's no Sloanes about either, so it means they've gone back to feeling rare again. 'Yay!', as I believe the young people exclaim at such moments.

A Gucci cluster, suede.

Can't do much more now although would like to have done. Will dig out some more to gawp at maybe. Gotta dash now though. Really have.

Sage suede snaffle.

Naughty little Gucci crocos, pale blue.

Being shot in A&S with that Luke Day cherub/chap, Editor of GQ Stlye et al, for How To Spend It thing. Can't say more. Gieves fitting for avant garde new whistle plan also. Serious Massey Inc sit-down tonight too at '34', the meat answer to Scotts. Now that is a bit of what I fancy.

Stubbs out in The Metropolis.

Gucci 'black don't cracks'.

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