Morning Denizens of Dapper. Just who doesnt like a nice holdall first thing to put all your bits in as you dash out? Am double keen on this APC one, and thats my only excuse for presenting it. Might pack you a little action bag of gear that have been operating with this week. Might.

APC Holdall

Here's a kettle I was pleased to be reacquainted with in Geneva last month. The IWC Aquatimer is back with its internal rotating bezel. I told zem in zi Schaffhausen it was folly to stick  zi bezel outside like every other diving watch, thats vhat was good about zi Aqua'. A couple of years of bezel flailing and now they're back where they should be. A very internal affair.

Aquatimer Automatic 2000

Boys own favourite ranking Italian casual brand, Stone Island, are doing bins this summer. Love the look of their press shots. Very pure Stoney ethic at work there. Forgot who're making them. Its in my note book, but note book is not in bed. There's a clue.

Stoney bings- Its a new thing.

Fancy some footwear before I loggy off? Will see what can rustle up. Oh look, its these guys again..

Nike Flyknit Loonies +2

Good for short, fast runs, running fans. How do they know that? I think they'll be good with my Lot 78 cashmere modal trackie when I get it. Action gear? Cant get enough of it, as Spencer Davis claimed. Deadlines-shmedlines, this has got me at it, am off running. Now this lot couldnt get enough fitness, right gang? Take it away..

Stubbs out in the park.

PS. Take a drag or two.

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