Morning Bass Merchants. Went to see Rodigan launch his Masterpiece album (click) with Stretch on Wednesday night and things have been quite dubwise ever since.

Lanvin grey dub-tie.

The album is dead good, but also gone & got rather sidetracked by Rodigans Dubwise Shower (click) particularly Sly&Robbie track below, Joy Ride Taxi.

Donald Stubbs's Mordaunt Short Pageants bass bins have been vibrating deeply to this all weekend. Aside from work, am casting a bow tie for Friday night's Vanity Fair bash.

Lanvin tealy dub-tie.

Here's a question for you style disciples. Whats more important to you: Your music collection or your wardrobe? Personally I'd be winding away happily in a pair of Y-Fronts if it came to crunch time, say it did weirdly. Maybe with just the velvet bow tie on, as a gesture. That is it for now.

Stubbs out.

Saint Laurent dub-tie.

PS. For what its worth, I just found an iguana tie bar (click) on Matches.

PPS. Rodigans Masterpiece has got one of the three CDs, 'Hey Youthman', dedicated to music he was first into. Am sticking Eta James At Last up in reference to that, track 06. Its all very good, except for Telstar which is totes horrid and pony.

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