Morning Style Belligerenties. Am really feeling the flow of the this whole Jacquard thing. Its properly got me now. Try and stop it. Jac' on The Row is being led by Jason Basmajin at Gieves&Hawkes, the American suave monger simply everyone is talking about.

Gieves&Hawkes brown peacock jacquard AW14

The brown peacock makes for a wicked looking evening stance, partic' with that fur, no? Basmajin worked with Stephen Walters Mill to create this jacquard. Fine work JB, fine work. I've gotta rustle up a black tie look for next Friday. Vanity Fair dinner bash with WilliamVintage. Lady Amanda Harlech is also inviting me says the invite, despite being certain we've never ever met. Unless shes's that jaundiced woman down the Lido who only ever does backstroke and wears a peculiar textured swimming hat. She says hello. Could be her. Anyway, it's gonna be ever so proper, going off at St.Pancreas Renaissance Hotel, I've got a gut feeling that either of these two little get ups would be just vintage enough, no?

Gieves&Hawkes blue/black mottle  jacquard AW14

Pancreas/cut, anyone- No takers? Regardless, have got a plan in mind. Thinking this very rich blue, not midnight, something else a trifle sapphire blue almost, Brunello Cucinelli shawl number, as yet undebuted. Having an ivory silk pique bib from dress shirt made by Emma Willis especially to go with, spear collars, and ivory being suitably more vintage than common old white. Might even give my unworn Alberto Moretti velvet loafers a run out. Vintage MOP dress studs from Spencer Hart and am almost in business. Except for the bow tie. Dying for an American Hustle-esque velvet number either in brown or blue. That would just enough. Shall we explore that? Shall we? Or shall I shut the fuck up? Bryan, just what is your take on this tux-caper?

Stubbs out.