Morning Weekend Style Merchants. Fabric remains the thing. It is the thing. So, so many fabric things. Jacquard is one of those things. Am feeling Jacq'. Jacq' your body.

Sauvage AW14 (click)

Joseph Marie Jacquard invented the harness loom allowing three and four dimensions to be added to existing weaving possiblities. The patterns created can be amazing and its a maj' story in menswear. Trust man. Joseph's work also enabled Babbage to devise his counting machine/computer that went on to star along side Monkhouse in Family Fortunes. Fabric Fact (click). Meanwhile, in Chicago, they were doing their own thing with The Jacq'...

The embedding is disabled on this other video wanted to show for some reason, a shame as the shots are really good (click) if ya fancy seeing Larry Heard, Steve 'Silk' Hurley, Robert Owens and pals dropping tunes and looks from The Eighties. Jacquard question? In a bout of Greco-Roman wrestling, who'd win out of Patrick Grant and A.Sauvage? Can you feel it? More Jacq's from Clapton coming soon.

Stubbs out.

E.Tautz SS14  (click) silk jacquard

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