Morning Style Merchants. Little to report, little to moan or celebrate about, except perhaps some shoe research. Naturally have focused wrongly on boots and an extraordinarily stylish & distracting radiator valve that I've come across. Its a similar colour and finish to the Edward Green 'Gresham' boot below (click), except made of nickel or something as opposed to leather.

The mysteriously named BPL*  rad valve.

You should feel the action on the thing- Its more like a hand gun than a temperature/flow control. Its got what feels like a damped ratchet, and the whole thing handles brilliantly, so precision. Then its got 'hot' & 'cold' engraved and a spigot indicator that points near to it without touching. Am transfixed by it. Meanwhile, in other distraction/wrong tree news , these are called jodhpur boots, right? Am not certain of name, but they are the way forward. Trust me, am a professional boot-clocker.

Edward Green Gresham buckle boot.

This guy below is The Paulin by Berluti on the Pierre last (click). The buckle boot is the thing for me boot wise. Been caning a Louis Vuitton pair for a couple of years now and they're proper favourites/game-changers. More fitted, dynamic and swashbuckling than a horrid Chelsea boot or similar. They're narrower, and therefore 'sexier' if you know what I mean?

Berluti Paulin buckle boot.

J.M.Weston do a smashing boot too (click), see below. Slightly more rounded. The Greens are broader than they look btw. I reckon I'd go Berl's out of these three, but all three double good, yet none as sexy as the BrassProductLtd rad valve.

Here it is again. Radiator chic will never be the same, not round my house at least, but really should be doing something else, right?

Stubbs out.

PS. 'B.P.L' is Brass Products Limited (click), as pointed out by Style Merchant Brown. Ta Snuffers'. It would appear this is nickel coated brass. Coated brass eh? Evocative stuff.

BPL 'Sundial' format- rads have never been so chic.

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