Morning Flash Fundamentalists. Technically am working flat out on various deadlines for a couple of publications, and havent even got a moment to fry some wild boar black pudding from Biella. Technically. So I probably havent got time to be weighing up which dress slipper best to slip it to them at Vanity Fair's bash on Friday night, technically. But just say I had, what do you reckon? As ever am striving to keep it real, obviously.

Alberto Moretti Bow Tie midnight velvet slipper

Bang into Morettis slipper & loafer work, you should see AW14- On the glam shoes stakes, he's in there like swimwear. Except its eveningwear, of course. Still, its doppio opulent, shall we say, opulent with a humours and leery edge. Smashing.

Louis Leeman suede slipper with gold tassells

Then there's Louis Leeman. Enjoying their creations as much. These are more like Byzantine court poseurs loafers, no? Anyway, under cosh like Osh B' all you baying editors out there, the suns come out, and things might just pan out okay, if we can just hang on for a bit more. I'm halfway home, and I'm half on deadline.. Dee C, Steve,  Mick & Paul have got a suggestion for you all. Take some Counsil please. Ready T.S.C. gang>

Stubbs out.

PS. Dee.C.Lee looks well good in this, non?

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