Evening Night Merchants. No time to banter, as ev', but regardless compelled to mention my Emma Willis (click) ivory raw silk pique shirt than am debuting to the Vanity Fair Villiam Wintage bash. Gotta couple of other debuts to go with, but the shirt is what wanna talk about. Actaully, gonna let Willis do the talking, she does it so well. She's like the shirt, a totes show-stopper, no mistake.

Emma's Gloucester factory created this for me before I could say knife, roughly speaking, and I am properly thrilled. I had them make the collar more spear shaped, am feeling that way at the moment, but other than that, the styling is all Emma's. Added vintage MOP studs that Spencer Hart vend, and some vintage cufflinks that the lovely Luxury Missus gave me, although alas she's now gone I am afraid. Big S&E shout out the charming Alex on Jermyn and the gals dem in the factory. Thank you so much. Over to Willis in the Gloucester studio..

Emma Wilis, official First Lady of Shirts (global) on her Oxford Silk and pique silk bib fronted evening shirt: "I think ivory silk has always been the most elegant man's evening shirt and I tried to find the original heavy, matt weight that our grandfathers used to wear."

"This would have probably been from China in the days of the Empire, but now Italian silk is by far the best quality so I went to the Canepa in Northern Italy and looked through all their archives as I could not find the right weight in any seasonal collections. They had a beautiful heavy, matt silk known as Oxford Seta Diano, where they weave the silk yarn using the same technique as Oxford cotton. It had the texture, weight and finish I was looking for. I have to weave 1000mts each time as they set up a huge loom especially, but they can keep the warp and change the way they weave the weft to create a pique ivory silk in the same weave which I also wanted for a bib fronted evening shirt which I knew had never been done."

"I have been re ordering now for 12 years and making this unique evening shirt. The seams as in all our shirts are the tiny, neat single stitched seams which is important for the lightest look in silk evening wear, with a rounded bib front not seen very often these days as it is hard to sew well, especially in silk, The buttons are on a band so the shirt can be worn very formally with 3 or 4 studs or with the smaller Mother of Pearl evening button front.

"It is now one of our most loved shirts worn by Mr Porter's Toby Bateman, Vanity Fair's Graydon Carter amongst others and still there must only be about 1500 in the world!"

What can one say, but thank you for your testimony on this Emma Willis. Off the hook elegance from someone who knows. Gotta add the seaming is so beautiful and delicate which is why had to shoot so many shots of it. Do hope dont get Vanity Fair vol au vent all down it now, eh? Talking of vol au vent on your clothes, Matey Off The Telly is going tonight with his fit, party savvy wifey, Dee. He'll be in Thom Sweeney, as it's gonna go with Dee's look best, I ventured. See you lot soon. Some tunes to warm up to? Just thinking, what would work? Dub set? maybe not. Roxy' Mother of Pearl, right. Couldn't think of a good ivory themed song, see. Take it Bry'

Stubbs out.

PS. Am busting new Brunello Cucinelli midnight blue shawl affair, Willis Dickie, Lanvin grey/silver satin bow tie, Alberto Moretti bow-tie Baroness Thatcher velvet  courts- quite outre for me/men, and some other bits. Shite. Gonna be late. TAXI!

PPS. Poison Ivory?

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