Morning Style Merchants. Cafe Blue that is. Running round town Tuesday in sockless-snaffles, The Aero and the sun. This was the soundtrack.  It's gone tres Cafe Bleu in Clapton/West End for a moment. Feel the energy, no? No time to banter, but put together this gusty, sophisticated Donegal three piece by Thom Sweeney. Shirt is by the boys too, the houndstooth tie is E.Tautz, and pocket splat by Anderson&Sheppard. Tell me why I wouldn't finish this with a pair of JMWestons. Tell me?

This is for a strapping pal of mine who might well be wearing it Sunday night. Fingers crossed. Anyway, T.S.C. are gonna start the morning off nicely for us. Fellas, D.C., off ya go..

Stubbs is out of The Metropolis at zi Basel Watch Fest'- more as unt Ven.

PS. More Mick Talbot's hair never really worked. Really help him back in the group. Should have worn a beret, more.

PPS. They're all so young. It is 1983 ffs.

NB. Pauls pocket 'square'. Woah, woah, woah!

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