Morning Style Sectarianists. Probably not exactly a PC handle, but to hell with it, I'm feeling like made style guy today, despite not being able to stand up properly. How tings a g'wan? A signifcant week in style went down for me. Went in for a big lunch, went well, then my back went out.

Caine in Hayward in The Italian Job.

Over training, old age and endomorph addiction combine to remind a man how grateful one should be to walk, never mind run/do Swiss ball sit-ups with a 10k weight in ones remaining tooth, right? Regardless, you seen my FT How To Spend It cover for the Italian issue this weekend (click) one wonders? La sua doppia buona.

How To Spend It The Italian Issue, out now, moda fratelli.

The cover has Luca Rubinacci (click) in full Neapolitan form, against the wall, as The Sharpener is all about a sartorial map of Italy, plus some choice Italian accessories/kit, but you should really buy the issue as it goes. Bet Luca thinks its correct how mag title matches his tie and strap line his trousers. Am doppio pleased with The Sharpener's (click) layout, there's far more to it than just dear Luca simply leaking Sprezzatura, Roger? The Italian issue is very good, regardless. So, anyway, got offered a new role this week. Thrilled, flattered and entering new territories. Kindly stand back while I stand up and tell you how its gonna be in menswear, once I've got this back issue sorted. Channeling more non-mobility allowance than sprezzatura am afraid. Swimming is the only solution today. Excuse my sounding buoyant, but its been an 'up' week for me. They do happen. Right Maria? All that exercise Lord, why do you reward me thus*?

Stubbs out.

*  'reward me truss' as might be more appropriate.