Morning Casual Fundamentalists. Saw this little C.P.Company (click) bomber in Present. Tried on. It's a serious action piece. Crisp nylon shell. It has the goggle lens over the sleeve pocket, a detail that works out okay. The shape, material and finish is bang-on however. Bang. on. Bomber. Do you know Bomba by Jah Wobble's Invaders Of The Heart?

C.P.Company bomber

If you don't, give it a whirl, its something else. If you do, hello there, what a g'wan, Hippy-shuffler? Its a Boys Own record (click). Please don't get confused and think anything naff at this point. Thank you.

Didn't realise for years the brass fanfare at the beginning of Miles Away Mix was Miles Davis. What a melt? Then got deep in to Davis and found it on Sketches of  Spain. Who knew? Anyway, might give you both main mixes, Miles is heavier, Nonsonicus is more trippy. There's all sorts kicking off in this music. Have a listen, which one are you?

Many of my pals and I are still frequently in CP and Stoney. Call us old fashioned. Talking of fashioned, watched Dianne Vreeland docco last night. 'The Eye Has To Travel'.  Very good. She was a proper style great. She said something thats got me thinking though. Might dwell on this. "There's only one really good life. Its the one you know you want and you make it yourself".  Thats got me thinking about what I want. Gulps. Oh, meant to mention, there's a bomber trend on the go, yeah?

Stubbs out in Nonsonicus.