Morning Style Merchants. Unusual week going down, cant moan, but new areas of issue being encountered. When am up against it, always find solace in running. Except done my back in. Not run for (gulps) two weeks. All thats left to balance cannoli habbit/endorph-addiction its the Lido. Been meaning to stick this up for a while. Orlebar Browns new colour Pug trunks (click) are smashing. Best to keep it simple in life, non?

Orlebar Brown Pug in Anchor Blue

Like packet traffic lights, which ones do you fancy? Quite like 'em all as it goes. If you fancy some Modern Toss (click) for 'A Decade In The Shithouse'.

Orlebar Brown Pug in Palm Print

Anyway, the sun is out and its briefly wonderful, right men?

Orlebar Brown Pug in Splash

Here's some more from this weeks Coltrane/Hartman week thats gwanning here. Take it fellas..

Stubbs out.

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