Morning Side Steppers. Been asked for three brands that would put my clients in for a feature on men who dress men in The FT HTSI. First step is easy. March 'em down Jermyn and bowl 'em through the door of J.M.Weston (click). Upgrade done. Been taking men there for a decade. Didnt quite realise exactly how correct these were at first, maybe it was instinct, maybe a flukey result, but regardless they are the most correct of all. They're the best shoe marque for my type of straight-up no-nonese yet style immersed client. End of. The right blend of subtle style verve and finesse meeting proper, manly, luxury shoe making standard. This French shoe marque the best RTW that I could put men in.

J.M.Weston 470s from Ligne Claridge.

Over the years have meet many style devotees who were drawn to the place long before me. Jeremy Hackett last week was going on about his dedication to them. Not got time for more stuff on them now, maybe one more style later, but did fancy sharing this. Was with a J.M.Weston wearing pal/client week before last when he stuck this Coltrane/Hartman seminal vinyl album on his massive old school Linn tower speakers. Oh dear.

J.M.Weston Ligne Flore 402

The resonant sound made my entire Spotify, iPhoney/iPlod experience instantly tawdry. The warmth, the depth, the life in the sound. Double special. He's a properly accomplished artist and he bloody swears by The Westons. If you dont like Jazz, best clear off now, non? Listen to the music, experience the lignes and be aware. Anyway, J.M.Weston and their Creative Director Michel Perry are doing something spesh with Casely-Hayford tomorrow night at Marks club. There's also the GQStyle new issue launch at Matches first. Shall update on both events. Shall probably bust Berluti's. I mean there's dedication and then there's out right crawling, right? John, Johnny? Take it.

Stubbs out.

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