Morning Style Merchants. More lovely light, different location. Flanneuring met work head on for brief spot of lunch yesterday with one of British menswear's most eminent style mongers, Mr.Jeremy Hackett. Parked the Aero in Berkley Square and used as temporary mobile lock-up while flanneuring/'styling' around it all over Mayfair/Soho. So filled with stylistic bounty for a client was rather relieved could keep an eye on the ride from where Jeremy and I were plotted. Nice location, non (click)?


Mr.Hackett was equally filled with fascinating menswear stories and stylistic angles. Bloody knew he would be. Shant bang on now, but one thread of banter took us back to when he worked for John Michaels menswear on The Kings Road. Purveying quintissentially Seventies fashionable flash by the sound of it, Michael the man himself sounded double interesting also. Taught Jeremy a couple of moves on branding he said. There is little about him on the web, only this suit on the V&A web site (click).

John Michael suit in V&A.

The blokes still alive, so think might investigate the John Michael story as a bit of an angle. Jeremy's off to be Hackett's ambassador all over the East and Middle East for a couple of weeks. Hackett's polo in Dubai, shop openings in China, I think he said China. Will check. He could teach us a thing or two about international operating, right down to how he handles his business card while in the field. Jezza does such a splendid job of channelling effortless, classic Brit-verve all over the world. Faultness panache. I better go steady, as I got carded for use of word dapper. He said it was rather golf club. Ouch. I'll take it on board J.H., but one does rather run out of adjectives at times. Know what one means?

Stubbs is not in zi Metropolis.

*Yes. This is an Aha! based joke.