Morning Freedom Flighters. Springs developing Thesbian Spiv look largely uses unstructured jackets as its basis. Thinking about it, the unstructured tailored jacket is the most significant development in mens smart casual for years, non? They've changed the way one can drop tailoring, travel about, and style smart cazj', right? I've been pushing a cashmere Giorgio Armani navy cashmere number all over the shop with a remarkable Rubinacci scarf, naturally con snaffles, turning the look into Thesbian Tout.

Giorgio Armani cashmere jacket with Rubinacci cashmere scarf.

Its like a cashmere sweat cut into a jacket, affording rather morish wearing, even if does get rather fluffy. The posh-cash fluff's been appearing stuck in my stubble too, but what can you do? Posh-cash stubble fluff is antidote to East London beard overdose. Please excuse slightly make shift picture but the Armani runway ones are more like this, and might mislead you a trifle. Looks pretty similar though. Giorgio deserves credit for pioneering the almost knit version of the jacket. Its pretty much his.

Giorgio Armani SS14

Anyway, anyone worth their smart cazj' salt has done versions. Boglioli are good, my new favourite label of banter. Brioni look good, not tested yet though.



Slowear - Montedoro.

MrPorters got a blindlingly thorough selection on the go, so excuse the piracy. Ones I've mentioned are all Italian, not surprisingly. Rubinacci does unstruc' so brilliantly as does Brunello Cucinelli, so will see if can get some images in the interest of fairness.

Stubbs out.

PS. Got invited to the Tweed Run ffs. Brookes organise it. Love Brookes, cant bear the Tweedlers. Who's up for all donning nice, stush unstructured jackets, going down to intercept the fucking Tweed Runners with their taches and stupid twee tweed period garb and egg the quaint fuckers out of soft top European cars? Just a thought. But if there's enough takers I could look into sponsorship perhaps.

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