Morning Style Mongers. Working on something on Gieves&Hawkes' new Creative Director Jason Basmajian.  Back in LC:M in January I raved that his collection was best thing of week. It was. The graft am on now is the result. Not mad interesting me telling you that exactly, but what I'm more keen to share are the two new looks for summer that am researching. Thesbian Spiv, and now Riviera Car Dealer- which is slightly different, more Nouveau and higher summer. There's bits working for these looks in G&H SS14. This look below is in the Thesb' Spiv remit, if it had suitable scarf, some gold and flasher, camper loafers perhaps, it would be bang on.

Gieves & Hawkes silk line herringbone jacket with seersucker shorts.

Look below, in Solbiate pastel linen/cotton is again potential Thes' Spiv, once ratcheted up. One needs tan/colour to be dropping this sort of caper though, right? Working on that. Went out in denim/Gucci/Marl on Sunday and its not enough to differentiate self from the massing hipsters/pedestrians. These looks could be the solution, perhaps? Obviously they can be broken down, just like everything.

G&H SS14 peachy linen/cotton mix from Solbiate mill.

And the neat little look below does channel Riv' Car Dealer quite nicely. Actually gotta write the thing now, so clearing off, although did you notice the Spring? Its so good, no? Just booked a week in St.Ives with the Madre. She's over the moon about it bless her. Back to Rose Lodge, bang on the harbour front. We know what we're doing, right Mary? Early April, that's The Stubbs's done, better start planning looks now, the pair of us.

G&H ss14 cotton single breasted thing.

The weathers put me in mind for all sorts. Proper celebratory, non? Meanwhile, that Mick off of Modern Toss has been in touch talking bout West Coast vibe appearing on S&E of recent. Cant imaging what he's chatting about. Off you go King. Never mind the moves, she's got the backdrop colour spot on.

Stubbs out

PS. The vistas not all pastel and white. Theres other looks to drop when being more low-key and knock about, by the way. Alpha Rambler & Stealth Prestige Dinghy Hobbist are pretty useful. Involves loads of Orlebar Brown shorts, Stone Island, Sunspel singlets and running racing shoes. You've heard it all before, but its about the new mixes. More of this chat when get a mo'.

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