Morning Style Minglers. Writing stuff about mills again this morning for the mag', so naturally compelled to deal with every single nagging query before can persevere. Post redeliveries all booked now (swear those GPO buggers arent even trying to get the stuff to me), plums and asparagus are all very much in order in the white Alessi bowl on the kitchen table (why do asparagus spears think they have the right to be green vegetables and brittle? Is ridiculous) and now, finally I can consider this knit I bought last weekend at Present on Shoreditch High Street (click).

William Fox & Sons 'Annual' knit.

Its by William Fox&Sons, and same shape as other nicely cut/styled plain one I've bought before in cream. Most impractical and therefore rather good. New one now has sleeve stripes, see above. My young, old pal Sanyika (click) who works in Present assured me the stripes were not too young. He's however younger/preppier/in better shape/blacker than me, so defo works on him. I wonder if this this knit is correct for a 43 year old ginger fella though? Trick, no? Regardles, thank God that's shared with the group. Can get on now. Nearly. Present is a great shop btw. Run by Eddie Prendergast and Steve Davies and with loads of mens retail luminaries both on the shelves/rails and manning the floor/tills its always worth a visit. Bought an Andersons plaited belt (click). Also a brass life-belt key ring too (click). Dont know why. That happens in there. The telescopes had sold out. Typical. Here's Joni singing about kingpins, not key-rings.

Stubbs out.

PS. Might do ya Tina/Herbie's versh later in weekend in things go well with copy.

Brass ring fancier.

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