Morning Style Seekers. Am seeking the dawn in Dungeoness today with the old firm and the singing client. Getting so into the outdoor style scene at mo, will almost bemoan the Spring when it arrives. Almost. CP Company down padded cincher, Tods Gommini boots (with the Nan fur), DAKS scarfs.. it's all just too old school casual to not love.

Sheddy Thompson.

Big Dave G, (and its not Gandy) will be largely wearing AW14 Crombie. Great black Great Coat. I mean really great. Some trenches. Other stuff. It's a strong look brothers. A strong one. Will snaffle you an image or two.

Stubbs is bang out of The Metropolis.

PS. Not a berserk Manics fan, but do love this one. Its been in zi head since Sunday. Now its in yours.