Afternoon Trauma Touts. Got a new scarf from Rubinacci (click) and its a completely totes game-changer, no messing. Its bigger that the ones on their site. Its massive, gloriously luxurious cashmere printed affair depicting 18th Century Dandies getting corsetted up. Its nuts, it really is. I cant take a picture to do it justice at mo', but simple have to share. Hope to improve later. Am working indoors on a sunny Saturday, so got break for freedom soon, but before I do. Look at the scale of the thing, left my trainers in to show.

Rubinacci 'Dandies' printed cashmere scarf.

Anyway, had to bust it straight away, so stuck it with my 3/4 Zegna sheepskin, a blue sweat, blue jeans, Gucci snaffles and a rugged gold chain. Wore it just draped round neck hanging lugubriously all over the shop. Bowled into Nick Tentis on The Row and he christened the look immediately Thesbian Spiv. Loved that moniker straight off, and so thats the look. Its too warm for sheepy guy now, so the looks gone a bit more blazer slanted, not as spivvy, but similar essence. Gonna drop it tonight for Tendai's birthday at The Mangal. Cant say more, day too, too charged to linger, but Thesb Spiv is my new thing.

Stubbs out.

"Too many halos, not enough heroes coming up with the goods".

Flag Day goes out in respect for two men who stood up for true Socialism and died this week. Tony Benn and Bob Crow RIP. Not my remit to say too much more, but then again not mine to say nothing. Song might not be bang on, but evokes something, right?

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