Morning Style Releventists. Remember my period-slander provoking seersucker-reflex suit order last week? No. Well never mind, but it raises interesting point about Post Modernist/Retro styles of dressing, no? The fact being we're all referencing the past, but to different degrees. Its all about the mix of past elements. I wish those referencing the future good luck, and please can I see how you're getting on at your earliest convenience?

One of Thom Sweeney's new MrPorter images.

I like a bit of retro me. Simply can't help it. The Seventies is doing it for me in many nuances for sartorial looks. Maybe creeping into 1981 at times with casual/car dealer looks for the weekend. Its style histories one is nodding to either consciously or unconsciously, and the same goes for the view. Thom Sweeney are far from overtly retro, but they accent things just right, with the right elements of now, with a touch from the past. The clipped cut to the body and the sleeves feel almost Sixties, but the lapels are bigger. The length is more current. How could they not be using a melange of moves, after all?

Gonna think about this, but your input, Merchants of Style, might be very interesting. Till later: Brand new? You're retro, as Tricky once poignantly whispered. Take it Trick',  you weird bugger.

Stubbs out.