Morning Balearic Bashment Ravers. Two gaffs, two hours and I'd heard Why twice yesterday early evening, and to me thats it. Am bang back into this tune. Pretty sure acquired the 7inch (google that term kids) during the early Nineties and its in a little record box down the Juergen Teller*. No time to check now, but I swear the cover is double familiar. Reminds me, Nash is making me a leopard print shirt. Why? Because I couldn't stop him.

Simon says.

Balearic Paul Brine got me in to this am sure. Also My Old Piano, Diana Ross. Who'd have thought he was a friend of Dorothy way back then even? Those my friends, were the days. Talking of friends, Tendai's birthday outing last night was a proper hoot. Mangal for twelve? Then a cavort down Dalston's Blackpoolesque strip. What could be better? Invented a new move, 'The Meat Kiss' . Quite dark. Anyway, Ten, if you want your present to be a surprise, don't look down brother.

Singlet at 32 (click)

Out with The Youth dem last night, who are all about 32 years old. Telling, no? As are You're So Vain videos. God videos were good in the Eighties (click). The sun is out, as it is in those videos, am sorry to write such obvious shite, but its doppio glorious outside. I appear to be able to run again, so am busting out some boxfresh, yes I said box-fresh, new Nike Vimero Claires and getting myself out in it.

Stubbs is out in the fair Metropolis.

PS. Now am listening to Simon doing Nobody Does It Better live. Am content. Get help.

PPS. Still double loving my new Colonel btw (click)...Scarfie. Its a total stance changer.

PPPS. I know it aint a tee, its a vest, but that doesnt pun, non?

* cellar, obvi'.