Morning Style Merchants. On deadline day, so this is a post-crastination, Roger? Did business shoes in The How To Spenny on Friday (clickage), and this is one of the star players. Santoni's reindeer suede laces ups (clicky) are super light and very flexible (£365).

Santoni's reindeer suede lace ups.

Not a mad lace up suede shoe protagonist but these and a couple of other have got me right at it, Italian style. They can't get enough with their navy, si? Other strong 'ens include Corthays Bucys and Spencer Harts new shoe roster that boasts a few killer suede numbers. Just discovered that, stay locked on, more later, under the witty title Brown Knows. Hilare, no? Not gonna put a video by Suede up btw. That, would be fucking awful.

Stubbs out & under it.

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