Morning Style Mongers. How was the shriekend? Feel like once mine got going, it wouldn't bleedin' stop. In fact, it's not under control yet. Going to the Gaultier opening at Barbican tonight (clicky) with Lyall (clicky). Dropping sauve Sexton to keep up with the outre crowd as best I can.

Gaultier Mannequins.

Who remembers Junior Gaultier? I loved that gear. About 1987 or so I thought it was the chicest thing you could be busting and lodged other denim in favour of cardboard stiff, dark washes with that prestigious white enamel badge. Remember? Cant even find them on the internet. By the way, its still Grace week on here. Miss.Jones got an extension. Like this version of She's Lost Control (click). Do you?

So Lyalls crew for tonight look pretty interesting, or fierce, as I believe the term is. Hope nothing untoward happens. Sort of. Its the beginning of the week, so must behave accordingly and not lose control. Roger?

Grace Jone/Jean Paul Gaultier.

Will update with an update about what goes down, date.

Stubbs out.

Jones in JPG.

PS. Just couldn't help put Joy Division up. Couldnt.