Afternoon Moda Mentalists. Bang under cosh, but compelled to consider what to drop to the V&A Italian Fashion bash tonight (clicko). Should just keep head down and not worry about style and thing, deadlines matter. That said, wont give in and I wont feel guilty. So, dress code: Italian Glamour. Currently in Tacchini retro tennis shorts. Reckon they'll work. Mind you, is gets un po' freddo still in April evenings, non?

Valentino and his ragazza, 1967

"Not gonna embarrass my store by opening the door when its breezy", as Grace points out. Plus am feeling a little more gorgonzola dolce than La Dolce Vita out there on the patio. Still, defo liking Val's lead here. Might take some inspiration from his stance. Smashing hair, non? Whole thing is sponsored by Bulgari. Wish my hair had better sponsorship. Forgot to borrow the new Roma watch that am really digging, massive style fail. Anyway, not gonna write about show 'til seen the show. For the best I think all things considered, but it operates on all manner of levels. Charlie Porter wrote about this yesterday (click) after interviewing the curator,  Sonnet Stanfill. Its good, and serious. Not what you'd expect perhaps. Dagnabbit gotta nail outfit before can write. Hate sort of bind, that but have no, no choice. Copy wise, you aint gon' get, if I aint gon' give it. You see, Grace has nailed the mood today already. Its to become Miss Jones week here on S&E. So, when you're ready darlink...

Stubbs is out in The Metropolis.

PS. Went as Grace Jones to a fancy dress party when double naff theme was James Bond ffs. No, I didnt black up. Did have a temporay sex-change though, sort of. An Afghan turban/headdress might just work with those shorts now I think about it. Or..

Then there's this. Oldish Prada suit with texture/pattern, equestrian tie-but is Hermes, and long collar shirt. Not ideal. Or theres version with E.Tautz green wool tie. Both not right. Gotta start scrivio or am morte. Maybe not folding arms like Valentino enough?