Morning Style Merchants. Bowling down Fore Street* foraging for pastries and scallops, checking my Nike FlyKnit Lunar II's (click) in the shop windows (they're lumo-green/teal btw), I spotted a great big bag double-similar to the one I've been dragging about for a decade full of stuff for shoots. Right in the window was the big bag clients and crew alike have been coveting. A massive oversized sailcloth zip-up holdall guy. Its in off-white sail cloth (salty if you lick it) with 'T.S.' appliquéd in blue, and a giant size white zip. It is unusual and useful and it turns out to be by Quba&Co (click).

Big bag by Quba & Co.

Might steer a few people into the customisation aspect, like what mine is, as they really have been banging on for years. Might stick it in the HowToSpendIt too. What do you lot think? Quite like their other bags too, they've honed them since they sent me one mid-Noughties when was at Sunday Times Style. Has got steel zip, not plastic, for example, and comes in recycled and spankers new cloth options. Reckon salty/real is best.

Quba Tote.

Am not a totes tote fan by some way, but rather like these guys (click). The Breton stripe one is good too (click), although well girlie. There's a very compelling, pleasant honesty-chic going on with these accessories. Very much into them I think. They do a customising service too, so might well start ordering them for my clients, as gifts. Licky or non-licky version sir? Licky-licky, every time, non?

Stubbs out.

* St.Ives.

PS. Talking of bags, discovered all sorts about ash scattering yesterday. Its an offence to do without permish. Who knew? Family wandered about the piers with Don in Waitrose bag. Couldn't find a good ash window. Should be a more full  'getting started' pamphlet enclosed. Anyway, did it today stealth solo, first light this morning on my run off The Island near Porthgwiggen beach. Don's ashes turned a large area of sea cloudy-grey for a quite while before ebbed and flowed away. Suitably poignant. Then off. End of.

PPS. The ease of release was in contrast to the story Don Stubbs told of learning to swim. "Swimming" he remembers "was not the problem",  when his father threw him off Southend Pier. "Getting out of the sack was the really hard bit..". L.O.L, R.I.P, D.F.S.

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