Afternoon Ponderers de la Moda. No particular clarity on matters this weekend, but stick Patti on from the outset and this will make much more sense. She's down the bottom. Feel free to string this lot of stylistic issues together however you fancy. For starters, how may keyrings in your keyring wardrobe? Please don't tell me you're not running a K.W. It's all about quick release affairs for easy adaptation, right? A different ring for a different mood/attitude is key.

J.M.Weston/Charlie Casely-Hayford show-horn key ring.

This fellas is a representation of the J.M.Weston/Charlie Casely Hayford collab that am gonna tell you about, possibly breaking my own Umbongo. The quilted suede soft calf and and the JMW 180 loafer motif is all part of it. Note quick release feature. Will bring you more opinion on K.W style. It's crucial stuff. Talking of quick-release, also pivotal for a true-pros stance, is the right fragrance to run in, never mind what to swim in? Don't think this stuff doesn't count. It so might.

Hermes Eau de Cologne.

This eau de cologne level of Hermes is right for sport, TV Presenters/that ilk (click). Hermessence (click) is for connoisseurs/those that know. Am currently rolling with Epice Marine, the new one, but Vetiver Tonka is double spesh too. While youre sporting your racy-sport-frag, having a think about what style of austerity-chic speaker cable you rolling with? Weigh it up. It's the new thing from Urban Cottage Industries (click). Less than 8 ohms per k. Not done an Omh for an age (click). So this is good news. They've dont some other new bits too, but just waiting on some testing to clear before really banging on about it. This stuff looks smart, no? Might be just the thing for when finally get yard up together. Finally..

Urban Cottage Industry racing green speaker cable.

Talking of k, its lbs thats on my mind. And how many lbs of ashes constitutes a good scattering. Know what I mean? Picking up the Madre today and then tomorrow we're taking Don Stubbs' ashes to St.Ives to scatter them about a bit. It's not our raison d'etre, thats general leisure seeking, but its something correct that should be done. Funeral mob have over-delivered rather. Seven pounds, ffs. Kick it off in the pub singer style please Pat.

So, dont worry, it aint a doom and gloom caper. Sister/S&E Editor is coming down too for a spell. Stubbs family love St.Ives, see, so we're not sweating it. Gotta devise a good scattering look mind. Thinking new cashmere Armani blazer/Rubinacci scarf, but might have to take brush in case of blow back. Thesbian/Riviera Spiv. Lets see eh? Leaving my edgy, Welsh decorator to stay in my gaff while away to finish hall and kitchen. Hoping pans out better than previously.

Stubbs out.

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