Morning Style Mongers. Saturday went to visit Gucci to investigate Lapo's Wardrobe range up close and personal, with my pal Brine and his whippet. Very much liked the look and feel of the 'fit' collection that one tries on in the Sloane Street shop. It's a double spenny way to do made-to-measure, but its aimed at the jet set apparently, and they dont give a monkeys, right? This suit felt great on, looked good, and was £3k MTM.

G-Unit- David Byrne in Lapo's G-Stripe Double Breasted.

The stripe is made of Gs, which isnt for everyone, but the colour balance of the look is spot on, non? Big old sweeping lapels in the Italian Alpha Classic moda. Must be his Grandfathers influence there. More G's in the baste stitch on the vent, reverse on other side. Rather like that detail. Not seen before. If youre not a G man, there's eighty fabrics offered for tailoring, from the five shops globally that do the service. Its a good taste maker this for Gucci, even if not a big turn over. Maybe its a bigger earner too?

Baste. How low can you go? Nothing but a G thing baby.

Been banging on about the Lapo's Wardrobe capsule, and realise its been out for a year, but think is rather good looking and well style/concealed. More wearable for old fellas like me than mainline collection by a long way. Lux with a vintage Guc' accent.  Where do I sign? Glenn check jackets also good, and funnel neck cashmere cardy jackets with leather buttons extremely fanciable. Brine and I laughed heartily at the Croc-snaffles with sheepskin lined in the Nan fur style, see end.

Before Gucci on Sloane, acquainted self further with Corthay on Motcombe Street round the corner. Featured their suede Bucy shoe in The How To Spenny It on friday (clickmans). More of these fellas soon. Feeling their flow, but had to stick these in now as thought would go rather well with DB 'G-Stripe' suit.

Favourite Corthays were these gorgeous looking two tone Wilfreds (click).

Talking of HTSI, am on bleedin' deadline simply must dash. Mr.Brine below is a vintage Gucci protagonist btw, from back in the day when there was a Gucci snaffle carousel display the loafes upstairs in the fusty Bond Street shop. A far cry, now we take his dog in their and receive a nice welcome. Like that style. Now they're doing pinstripe DB tailoring in manner of grand Sav' Row tailor along side turquoise crocodile brief cases. Something to think about. Logo/motif animal reversal style project: Next week we take a pony in Trussardi and see how that goes down.

Stubbs out.

Whippet up and start again.

Orange Juice boys looking surprising Gucci SS14 mainline in the Regent Street looks if you watch the video. Sloane or Regent-Which one are you?

Stubbs out.

Nan snaffles.

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