Morning Style Sockets. Might start writing the wrong bit of copy with wrong images in a sort of Nick Roeg style fragmentation thing. Might not. Feel like writing bout pashmina/wife beater vest/trackie combos, as they're so, so import' right now, but am getting well behind. Went on luxe-fact finding  mission with old Pal Brine in Knightsbridge yest'. Loads to reveal. Yet, this needs dealing with, first. Totes dig Urban Cottage Industries, as I've mentioned. Their new speaker cable's dead good, is being tested now by people at The How To Spenny It as not my remit, but the iPhone USB cables are (click). Like em? I do.

Going for the vintage flex.

Obviously they're a light hearted thing. Vintage technology accessory is tongue in zi cheek, right? Still really like 'em though. What to you reckon? Livens the i-Vista up for a spell, no? These aren't a high tensile, high performance bit of tech'. Far from it, they're a bit style amusement/pleasure. Have installed burgundy one for perpetual desk use as suits vintage Danish rosewood, Smythsons leather bound diary and notebooks, Berluti coasters & fountain pens far better than the straight white options, no?

Deadline extension.

One the excellent elements of Urban Cottage Industries is their packaging. Everything comes neatfully, earnestly packed in brown paper and cardboard. Its so gratifying receiving and opening the stuff. Love it. Keep it up you lot.

Two pack.

Comes with 'box & papers', as the say down Hattons.

Also loved what Lapo's lux-capsule collection with Frida btw. Know what chatting 'bout? No. You will.

Stubbs out.

PS. Why Bela Lugosi? More cable connections you see. Was getting chatted about on Twitter. Consequently actually reconnected my Revolver turntable (fiddly) in order to play the vinyl. Couldnt find the vinyl. Oh Bel-la...Knew he hadnt been well, but..

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