Morning Style Merchants. Hope all double well. I did West-to-East coast action over the break in The Aero, sleeping on sofas and in bunk beds. Perhaps the feel of the Nomad has got me bang into my latest accessory passion. A delightful natural ivory coloured, gloriously textured Anderson&Sheppard Pashmina from the Habber' (click). It is massive, like a blanket. Been wearing it in the Nomadic casual style, teamed with old C.P.Company Mille Miglia of similar natural hue and 2005 Belstaff tweed/rabbit fur collar number. Sort of 'Luvvy/Explorer on Sunday brunch'. Sort of.

Its an amazing thing to be tossing over shoulders and generally being theatrical in, yet has a certain rugged honesty. Even the Cockneys in Whitstable didn't mock it/me half as much as expected. It has been reaping stubble/fluff havoc however. No way round it though, so more and more am embracing the luxe-fluff-beard look. Stuff floats of in little lumps down the Lido. What can I say or do though, this is how am feeling? Also had nice sleep in Haggerston park under it. Luxe-tramp-useful accessory pivot.

Stubbs out.

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