Morning Style Militants. If I was going yachting today, sailing today or even if out on my Pash' to the Lido, I'd be wearing a bit of Stone Island Marina, I reckon. Always hits the right can-do note on days like today, no?

Stone Island bins launch this Spring.

Stoney have launched bins his season, as I've mentioned. Very Chris Lowe circa '86, no? I like them. Despite the sailing history of Stoney, what is so very good about this gear right now, is that it has nothing to do with most of the people who have beards and tattoos. You know the peoples? Not sailors. The other tattooed bearded peoples. The ubiquitous hoard of alternative hipsters, that flourishes unchecked over here. Stone Island strikes no chord with with these beards. With sailors like Carlo Rivetti (click) , its a different sort of beard/story altogether.

Original beard merchant and sailor, Carlo Rivetti.

See, am just working out what would look/feel good when plotted on a yacht, and thinking maybe Stoney Marina is the thing, no? Or maybe a bit of C.P.Company. Not original thinking, but correct thinking?

C.P. Company.

All hoods on deck.

Stone Island.

Will put some details up about the bins et al. Cant now. Cant. This isn't research or editorial. Its some clothes that would be good to wear in drizzle now.

Stubbs out in drizzle now.

Stoney Island Binsy.

Marina bags are good too.