Morning Style Merchants. Just don't ask too much, but after some stylistic forays at The Hurlingham Club this week, for me, its all about a Lock&Co linen flat cap. Today in The Metropolis am gonna be in their linen/cotton eight piece cap (click).

Lock&Co eight piece Baker Boy light.

Teamed with a singlet, naturally, the new style from Sunspel (click). Singlets are critical, yes. Did I mention that? I hope so.

Luxury track pants have taken my attention too. Nearly all of it. "Your track pants, are all made by Balmain, and there's bald spots and DAKS in your hair, yes there are...". More like leggings, or meggings, should I say? Got a whole stash in, but there aren't songs to go with all of them sadly. Theyre becoming more vital still. No word of a lie. Vital. Got a stash of bombers in for Matey-Off-The-Telly too. No time to share those either. Sorry bout all this.

Anyway, then there's this retro sportif fella below, got him in for a pal of mine who's away in heat at  the mo' on holiday. They're something to take the edge of the return. Ben is original Keynsham Casual No.1. I met a connected Casual who could, so had to ask. He delivered. They are splendid. Good job I don't wear Adidas, or that would have been testing, nein?

Adidas ZX850s

Sorry if S&E has seemed pony of late. It's not you, its me. Trying to keep it up. Testing things out you see? Testing, testing. Its all getting very testing.

Stubbs out in The Metropolis and under the cosh.