Morning Style Mongers. The currant in currently out and it's Plank Solidarity Sleepend, so cant be banging on and on, on here. Patterns shirts are a thing, yeah? I'm not a pattern shirt guy, as I tried to say in the How To Spenny It (click), but am sorely tempted by some of these compositions. Tempted by Roys one that comes straight after the Kolor guy too. Kolor.

This post really needs a musical theme. MrAyers and friends shall oblige..

Thats far better, okay.. Ami.

Everybody loves the sunshine. Beams.

Wear them with shorts, with wife beater vests with smart pants. Wear them all sorts of ways, yeah? Am thinking slashed to the naval with a vest and some gold, but I am getting old for that. Leave this with me while I get militant in the sun for a moment. Folks get orange in the sunshine..

Stubbs out on the decking.