Morning Style Mongers. Know you like to hate a watch post, so shall keep it brief, si? Loved this BVLGARI ROMA watch when I saw it in Zi Basle. Tried to borrow it to wear about the place, as was feeling its chic yet up front flashness . Bulgari declined to lend. Fair dos. It was during the show, which would rather defeat the point. Still, gotta hustle a bit, non?

Bulgari Roma 130 anniversary eddish.

Speaking to Bulgari this morning, about this guy, and sure they'll tell me more. Obviously it's a Gerald Genta kettle; basically The Bulgari Bulgari with Roma on the bez' instead; A Roma. This watch is like an cast ingot of precious currency, engraved with an ancient font. Genta's first in this design was to put the brand and name, BVLGARI BVLGARI, on the bezel. Its effectively a branded jewellery piece. Very Roman in its direct ostentation. I love it, and will take what jip comes with that. It comes in white gold with blue strap and dial, which is nice but pink gold with black dial takes it. Also pink gold with white. 130 pieces each. Bet they'll fly out. It's the American Hustle look (click) in watch form, right?

American syrup intervention.

There's all sorts to talk about, but better off doing it the papers than here just now. Big ol' jobs just come in. Big twins in fact. As standard, am on deadline too, so gonna breeze. More as and when. Below is the look I'm pushing for, working out in the garden, bringing the damp course crew coffees and pastries in Speedos as required. Gotta hustle to keep these guys haps, no?

Stubbs out.

American Derby.