Morning Moda Merchantistos. Been styling this new Gieves&Hawkes custom/made-to-measure three piece look in seersucker this morning before can get down to procrastination in d'earnest. How to style this fella? First, take the sunshine and apply liberally.


Then activate Augustus Pablos- Java. Its the theme/backtrack to this look, right? I hear it every step I take. Get it on now. Okay, tried a natural colour version of the Smedley Henley was showing you. Wrong. Looked proper horrid.

Seems it's all about a spankers, crisp, white Sunpel tee, an Anderson&Sheppard cocoa 'lawn cotton' polka dot scarf and a vintage Pucci square for me. It seems.

Seared sucker.

Then out on the deck, I added a pair of rather old Etro canvas/croc toe cap Oxfords.

Croc, croc, croc on wood: Do The Three Tone Shadow Strut.

The total thing breaks down okay without the coat, just vest and tee, non? Might have pants taken in a bit at bottom and taken up a fraction. What do you fink? I'm certain it needs the sun to function, but thats gonna happen surely. Cant post for a while as too too much on, so make the most of this team S&E. Back with some shouts about a bad boy blazer look coming to a wine bar near you: A blazer so good it makes me wanna buy more gold jewellery. For now, taking the Sneersucker Dub Strut around the town.

Sharpener out.


My life in the sunshine. This outfit needs the sunshine.