Morning Style Mongers. How does you lot feel about Henley style tops? Am changing my opinions on 'em, slowly. Quite fancy a couple of these guys from John Smedley, having vidied them down The A&S Habba. Something rather nice, relaxed and manly about them, non?

Tally Sea Island cotton top by John Smedley (click)

Might be good under something. Might be wrong though. Might just be good on their own. Look quite good on Matey-Off-The-Telly, sort of rower-chic. On me however, could also look a bit Steptoe Snr. if you got it wrong/had the wrong head on. There's another style, Malachy (click), but I'm dangerously near to Step' Snr. Maybe will stick to Singlets. What could go wrong? More Balearic maybe. Anyway, this is not a blog post. Its just something thats being thought. James Perse is the label that everyone goes to for Henleys so am told, but blow all that hype, am packing the The Aero, we're shooting at MK II today (click), cool, yeah?


Meanwhile the rain flying off the roof and drumming on my decking is sending me nuts. Who authorised this? Not really coping with writing on here at mo'. Working the whole time and cant seem to get the knack of channeling it. New clients and that, but they're ones who require discretion. Might have to take a new tack.

Stubbs out.