Afternoon Style Merchants. Working on piece on pants this bank holiday, pausing only to examine the damp patches that are coming through my newly damp proofed exterior walls. Pants and damp patches. Oh the searing glamour of it all.

Maybe antiperspirant would help?

Hows that for straight reporting. Dull, no? Thats not even the bad bit, its just a better photo. Damp cursing. Trying to work out if matters to life or not. Maybe it doesnt. Might help my work-out along perhaps? Maybe damp course failure is abstract and doesn't really impact on stuff. Maybe. I'm imagining a direct correlation between damp patches, pant copy, anger, work-out vigour and singlet purchase volume later today, during my down time. Downtime, I hear you say? Yes. Downtime.

Stubbs in.

Shutter speed.