Morning Style Buoyants. The last time I was on a yacht, I’d won a race from London to Monaco in a  Ford Capri with Chernin, The Balearic Russian (click). It also was my 30th birthday. First prize was best cabin on a yacht over looking the Grand Prix weekend that was about to begin. Not won many races since. None in cars actually. Birthdays have quietened down somewhat too. Still, yacht styling is still good, non?

Car Shoe deck shoe guy.

Loving these deck shoe guys by The Car Shoe guys. Am sat in back garden writing about yachts that I dont know about, si? This is Barry Dillers green hulled schooner, Eos. Apparently its the one, fuck the super yachts, according to my sources.

Barry Dillers yacht Eos.

Shall add more stuff like this Pal Zileri cotton blaz' (right below deck) as and when I see fit, right mateys? Tell ya what though, bloody Anderson&Sheppards' Habba' rules when it comes to yacht and holiday style. Amazing roster of gear. A-mazing.

A&S silk matelot knit and cotton blazer/knit

Went to see Audie Charles yesterday, and A&S totes smash it on the lux-holiday front. It's properly ream scene and will bang on at length when get a mo'. Audie is also a unique and potent global style resource, no messing. Meanwhile, who should meet down the bow-end, but none other than arch style rival Rupesh himself, trying on all fifteen styles of A&S trousers and writing a critique of each. The man is thorough, I give him that. More late's, mayb's.

Stubbs out on the patio Speedos.

Al Jazeera* off white cotton blazer.

*Pal Zileri, as it goes.