Morning Style Merchants. London Collections:Men SS15 has finished. Was considering a new angle on men's style coverage during early hours of this morning. Its subtle, but it has to do with honesty. Better tread carefully mind. Perhaps no one will notice regardless, so gonna give it whirl for peace of mind.

New angles at No.5.

Find 'self grateful to have this quite outlet to gently vent.  Saw some good stuff alongside London fashion weak. Saw some quite bad stuff too. Plan to write about The Moschino travesty when get a moment to articulate. The GQ dinner was at the new Ham Yard Hotel. What was there before they built that massive place? Has its own shops internally housed. Not sure thats the way forward for Soho, no? I then went forward in Soho with the people I was with to the Groucho Club. Couldn't quite get into it/fit into/cope with scene there. Returned to grateful bed with a head still functioning, even if questioning many angles of night. Need a new angle. This might be an epiphany. It could also be a mood swing. Stay quietly tuned.

Stubbs out.