Mornings Style Mongers. Am immersed in hat scene. Went hat scoping on Monday all around St.James and Mayfair. Notice that things nearly kicked off around hats twice. Saw two altercations, from different positions. Meanwhile, found some super hats. Tried on hats in Lock&Co (click) and liked. Thinking might being going there. Know what I mean?

Lock & Co hat box scene.

It's smart, trad' hats that am interested in. Fancied one for ages. Now they're a thing, dont cha know, and am researching them, so rude not to get my head in one or two. Matches are carrying a smashing line in Boralinos. Really lovely stuff.

Borsaliano at Matches.

This Lock hat is the Voyage, and I like it in navy. The picture is weird. Of course it is, its a 'Stealth Selfie' that includes me posturing like a Millinery-Nonce and the strange fellow in pink baby cords who was shaping up to kick off about hat band selection with the poor girl serving him. Quite the colonial flash back it was. Should have heard him. Should have seen his hat. Actually, its on the very end of post. Canvas with a slub. Nice.

Covert Agro Merchant/hat scoping in St.James, 2nd June 2014.

Anyway, am gonna be on receiving end of similar if I don't file something hattish pretty pretty soon. Very much like the Fedora and Trilby hues and textures round the corner at Bates (click) too while we're on the subject.

The Sharpener out.

PS. Do hats make your nose look massive? Just wondered.

Bates Peach Bloom Fedora.

Colonial Agro-merchant's hat band scene. "Damn it woman I'm going to miss lunch!"