Afternoon Style Mongers. Get amongst it as best ya can style wise, while we've all got time to drop a look. Been chattin' about jacket length to myself this last week. To be fair, gotta shout out to George McCrae who's been bopping along me all the way so far this month. This afternoon, George and I go boot shopping. Meanwhile, there's a change coming, not least length-wise. Despite this forecast, George is rockin' on in the this cropped little number and coping just fine, not remotely dandy though. Total agreement about the jacket with no top underneath too. Not sure what that fluffy think is though. A Disco-Gonk key fob perhaps? Who knows. Top hip movement regardless. Full marks. If ya ever stuck on the floor, these moves wont do you any harm. Keep chugging along to this for rest of June. Then change. If ya out there...

Stubbs out in The Metropolis.

PS. More style&fashion to come when we've got clearance.