Morning Style Mongers. Reluctantly gotta leave beloved Lower Clapton this morning despite of deadlines et al, and do West End stuff. Pah! A celebrity client of mine is being shot wearing my fav' tailors, the mans dem Thom Sweeney, at their place, for the mag dem Esquire Big Black Book. What with the football result, only seems fitting to go as Pedro, Caruso's (click), character muse guy from Buenos Aires, right? Must admit, I always feel a bit more Fefè at this time of year (click).

Caruso's Pedro from Buenos Aires.

If only everything was as simple as that link. If only style & fashion was as charming, creative and well thought out as Caruso's world of men and menswear. Charming. Unlike my disposition this morning. Love, love Caruso and their six character muses. Or is it five? There's no London fella note. Maybe they're recruiting?More of Caruso when I catch up with you next. Weekly is it now? Who'd have thought; a weekly post. Like The Ceefax of style, updating on a sporadic roll.

Stubbs out.

Caruso's Fefè from Napoli.