Evening Style Mongers. Am on special stylistic missions in Dublin. I might be some time, as they say. This little guy is just the beginning. Things, will only get better.

Just before we go Ante-Dandy, lets immerse ourselves in deep, deep Seventies sartorial finery, with all the trimmings. Yes. This is how we're bubblin' in Dublin tonight, JK style, and am not talking 'bout TheSpaceClownBoy.

Peter Wyngards Jason King.

Berluti Molasses &Cinnamon

Louis Leeman loafers.

Massimo Piombo sienna corduroy

Prada burnt orange gaberdine and crepe de chine

Must drop some more of this gear, its making the flow so, so easy. Are you following me? This is so rich, its making me peckish..

Stubbs out.