Morning Style Mongers. Am a trifle tied down right now, something I always tried to avoid. That said the bliss of the fine edit of the ties that are binding one is solid consolation. I really love the ties I've distilled from the sea of tie boredom, and that helps. That and the rain. Always back to the rain. Dragged this all time favourite knit from the style archive down the Style Juergen* this week, just for old times sake. Was chatting 'bout Mosch' with an old pal, so this bit of History came up. Litterally.

Iceberg History - Felix cashmere knit. All time fav' knit flex.

Its full of moth holes. A bit like my cutting edge thoughts. No comment. Yeah, been thinking and chatting bout Mosch' since the London Collections show in June. Swear am gonna write about it when I can. Compare Moschino (click) with Caruso (click). Have just been on both their sites. The wit and verve in Moschino is lost under the steer of Creative Director pillock Jeremy Scott, where as Caruso are thinking, operating and styling on level that Franco himself would have approved of. Will nail this comment later. Swear down the cellar. Gonna start actual writing now, bang on till 2pm-ish, then should be done, right? What could possibly get in the way? What exactly?

Stubbs out.

* Juergen Teller, cellar.

PS. For some reason YouTube wont let me see/post videos, so bad scene there too.