Afternoon Style Mongers. Gotta just despise the new popular music scene, right brothers? Far too, too much vocoder nonsense for starters. Vocoder-overload. Wonder if the young 'ens know or give jot who pioneered voco' use? Probably doesnt matter. These boys, Stevie, Herbie, some others, loved a bit of vocoder, but over the top of their double good music, and with their actual voices still in the mix. Take Herbie below, singing one our main in-car themes from LC:MSeymour up the garage described this as 'Tunes'. It works awfully well in the sun too.

Like Hancock's look? I rather do. Very like the suit worn like that still, even if is retro, heaven forbid. Dropped a brown linen shirt with quite large collars slashed to sternum Friday afternoon to The Claridges. Seemed to go ok. Designed it with Nash Masood from Emmett. Its pretty pretty retro, but also looks fresh/engaging/luxe. More of that later. So listen right, the big debate in mens style is really gonna be retro vs. modern in coming seasons, seen? Been thinking; A look is a statement using given tools and resources. A bit like a musician choosing a genre and instruments. Statements are then made with those. Thats a bit like dressing. There's some old ways of playing that still sound good, even with modern technologies applied. A few new bits and accents thrown in maybe. What about if one was to go back and drop in a rewind? What if. Post modern style, right? Its too hot to care really.

Stubbs out.

PS. If you're East right now, am running by the canal, listening to Herbie. Suddenly, I thought it was knew..