Morning Style Mongers. Hot, sticky scenes, you know what I mean? I'm certain you do. Running round the Lower Clapton and beyond, down at the Lido and everywhere, the ink storm hasn't subsided. "We've found a look, and we're gonna stick too it", is their rallying cry. Good for you, you tattoo'd crew. Too right you're gonna stick.

Rain by The Cult (click).

Puny armfuls of meaningless ink pour down in pointless rain. Chunky Indigo leg horse bites and borstal/summer camp friendship neck scrawls too. Knuckle dippers, are you gang members? Just wondering what the entry requirements are. Doesn't seem madly exclusive. It's gonna get funnier and funnier for us I'm realising. Bravi tutti tattoo'd hipsters, bravi one and all. Bring the blue rain. One day all will be one big reference and they can all do it. What do I know anyway. Remember this for The Cult? Rather liked this and Sanctuary. Ian couldnt half belt out a tune, no? To be fair trendies, we all did silly things. I think I did diamonte and a massive Cecil Gee coat on the strength of this, once maybe. Maybe.

Promise to do some style stuff on here, like the old days, jah?

Stubbs out.

PS. Surely top end tat' removal geared for deluded hipsters would be a smashing business model for the future. Anyone fancy it?