Morning Shoe Evangelists. Sniffing out plimsolls for a client of mine, then later the mag. By next spring every luxe-designer so-and-so has done a paired down Stan Smith/Reebok Newport style trainer. This is different slightly though. Clean, simple plimsolls is what am after.


These fellas from Kitsuné are pretty clean and nicely finished off, non? Definitely wholesome plims, non-trainer though (click). Hard to get hold of it would appear, a sensation am no stranger too.


These ones from Buddy on Hypebeast (click) might be interesting, a plimmish take on the Stan format, but the name Buddy is a problem. I cant tolerate people saying Buddy. Its thoroughly unacceptable. When someone says it, write them off as a person. Now that is simple.

Buddy, ffs.

Any other plimmish suggestions from you mob might be interesting. Might. I might also point out that M&S are doing a smashing knockabout version with no branding, that one of my inner style crew (I.S.C.) is happily bopping 'bout the Metropolis in right now channelled direct by me from source, but these celeb types want more. So much more...Beenie? You know what to do..

Stubbs out.